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HTML tutorial-Writing “Hello World!”

November 14, 2008

Open notepad or any text editor of your choice. And type the following codes.








The above is basic structure of an HTML page. Whatever you have written above are called tags which are inside <>.

Now we head over to make our first web page. Write the name of the page which you want for your page between <title> and </title> e.g my first HTML page.This will go on top of the web page when viewed on a browser.

Now between <body> and </body> write …hello world …welcome to my HTML page…Hope you have a pleasant stay here.

Now save the text file with name my_page.By default it has extension of .txt and that shows it is a text file.Since you want it to be an HTML page you will has to change its extension to .html. Assuming that you are using Windows ,file extensions are not shown by default. So here is a way.



First thing you can notice is that….every tag has an associated with a closing tag which has an additional ‘/’ i.e. for <HTML> there is an </HTML> tag.

Proper closing of tags is very important. So pay close attention to them.

<html> this tag defines that this is an HTML page

<head> contains some heading info which you will learn over time.

<title> shows your title

<body>any thing you want to put on your site goes here.

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